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Nordic holidays are always the best.

Happy midsummer/Glad midsommar! 

Today is the day when the Swedish people are dancing around a maypole jumping like frogs and sing false and dancing in circles around the maypole. Wearing flowers in their hair and dancing even if it rains. Feeling the music thought they are tone-deaf and dancing thought they can’t dance. This is the day when even the most embarrassing person sing and lead the crowd filled with kids, teenagers and elderly ones in song and dance ‘cause this is how we celebrate our midsummer. Even if it rains, we still eat our strawberries and pick our flowers and even if it’s to hot to dance we do it anyhow. 

This day was a perfect midsummer day. I hope those of you that has been dancing has done it properly and those who haven’t : Go and get strawberries. 

I’ll put my seven flowers under my pillow and sleep and dream about my true love. 

Yet another myth, but maybe it’s true?