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I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

—Jorge Luis Borges

A library is a hospital for the mind.


It’s dangerous when the local library has done a super high tech webpage for what books and ebooks they have in stock. I have to say that my reservations list became larger then expected. Also the library on my tablet grew a bunch. 

Good that it’s free, otherwise it would become a very expensive story . 

Book haul- the thrift shop version #2

@ the library

So, yesterday I stood in front of my bookshelves wondering what to read. I got anxious and realized that I do have many classics that I haven’t read but boy, I am certainly not in the mood to read any of them. I begun on different books and realized that I couldn’t continue. Also while browsing around on internet for books to possibly buy I saw that for the books to come to my doorstep takes time. Work stood in the way of going to the bookstores and they didn’t have the books I wanted to read. Therefore I came to the conclusion: the library. I went there after work with one thought ” I will borrow The maze runner by James Dashner  (And If I like it then I’ll buy my own copy and the rest of the trilogy). When I came to the library I browsed through the shelves looking for the copy and I got a bit crazy..  I came home with a hugh pile with 6 books. 

I was so exited, I found City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels. While having the copies in my hands I read the back of City of Fallen Angels and I regret it. The first sentences are main spoilers, it made me so sad! But I need to read the books anyhows to understand how they came to that point. But still.

Thought I don’t like borrowing the books on the library because on of the reasons are simple. You read it, you like it, you return it. Then you “need” to buy the book you’ve read. You buying it to own it, not to read it. ‘Cos you have read it before. 

Yeah this was a book worming post. Sorry about that. I also work 9 days in a row. Let’s face it all, I am to tired to make it a more concentrate minimal text. This is what it is. 

Goodbye all, I’ve got some serious reading to do.