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Sometimes you have to let go not just for the sake of it, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Countdown: 11 days.

It was not long ago I was in the jungle on a 3 days hiking trip, riding elephants , paddling canoe down the rivers and living in a tent during the nights with some others adventurists.  Luckily I have the fantastic opportunity to return to Asia on the 20th, yep countdown begins. I will return to the middle kingdom and walk the great wall and eat dumplings while walking the streets of China. After a while I’ll visit the philippines, swim with dolphins, dive in the ocean and look at the legendary chocolate islands. Nevertheless I’ll meet my dear Lolo who’s 90 + and live with my aunt who’s house is beside a rice field. I’m not only looking forward to the adventures ahead but also to come home. 


It’s funny when a place like tumblr should be where everyone should be able to express themselves as much as they want to but when they do so they get  judged and compared. When people poor their hearts out and get mean feedback for it or when other people actually provoke them to do self harm and hate themselves even more.  I mean, really? 

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Before you act, Listen

Before you react, Think

Before you criticize, wait

Before you pray, forgive

Before you quit, try.

I like to read the printed words.

I like(love) to read the printed words. I don’t care what shape they are in. I still love them. Ebooks-books-magazines. 

But it has come to my knowledge that Ebooks are easier and more comfy to access when you read as many non Swedish books as I do. I love to have a book but they take so much space and are heavy when you are on the go. 

Therefore I’m considering to buy a reading gadget.I would prefer to read in e-ink but it has it’s cons. When browsing around the web to find the possibilities and prices for a Kindle or Nook they are quite expensive. I would like to sit on a plane/bus/train/car or in the bed/room when it’s dark and being able to still read on the gadget without having the lights on. When the Kindle/Nook is only 100 € cheaper than the iPad mini I wonder if it’s worth buying the mini to have access to more than just the reading experience. 

I have used a regular iPad before but I think it’s to heavy and big for me. I sold it. 

3 cups of coffee later and one unseen new girl episode I head for work. 

Dear Cold.

I do not like you since you are keeping my brain fussy, fussy, fussy. 

Or maybe it depends on the high amount of painkillers and tea I am taking every day for a couple of days in a row now. Life is great, har har.

When I was one my way home from the work today I listened on a podcast. Often there are shitty subjects that doesn’t interest me at all but this time just before I turned it off it caught my interest. 

"So yeah, this guy writes stuff on his twitter. Like what he does, think off and enjoy or don’t enjoy and the other guy follows him to keep track on those things." 

" But why does everyone tweet and blogs?"

"That’s because they want to be seen and they want to be appreciated and heard." 

After the podcast tuned out I sat at the bus and thought for a very long time. What am I doing here on tumblr and twitter while I could do other things that are more logical to do? 

I think of those things in those perspectives : 

  1. Communication. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to express thoughts/feelings and one way of doing this is to write in a notebook/journal or a blog. 
  2. Introverts gets more extroverted. [This is my experiences thought]
  3. the social network. If it’s not on the internet it didn’t happen? 

I’m going on a roadtrip tomorrow. 

This occasion needs some serious upgrades in my iPod.  

My destination? Oh yeah, “Ullared”. 

It’s the biggest place of crazy shopaholic sweds. Also known as the biggest shoppingarea with cheap stuff in miles and miles away. 

I might get killed with shoppingcarts tomorrow. 

To make dreams come true you need to work for it.

I would decently want to become a part of the bookcomunity and do videos, but I would’ve if it werent for my funny English accent.