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Vacation bookworm wrap up.

Did I read more than planned this vacation? Yes. 

Did I read splendid books during this vacation? Yes. 

Do I wish I always had that much time to read? Yes. 

Here comes the lovelies. Witch you should check out if you haven’t read them yet, expect from Panic of course. 

  1. Analfabeten som kunde räkna av Jonas Jonasson 
  2. Panic by Lauren Oliver 
  3. Cress (The lunar chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer 
  4. The program (The program #1) by Suzanne Young 
  5. The Treatment (The program #2) by Suzanne Young 

at the beach

1. Being at the beach

2. Reading at the beach.

3. Drinking mango shake at the beach.

4. Listening to good music at the beach.

5. Playing football at the beach. 

6. Getting massage at the beach. 

7. Always being at the beach.

Just finished 172 hours on the moon by Johan Harstad


I never learn that it’s not  good idea to read such terrifying things while 1)  being home alone 2) it’s night witch leads me to insomnia. 

Well done self. Well done. 

Fun fact of the day: Harstad used real research and legends to claim that the stuff is the real deal. Someone is sleeping with their night lamp on tonight. 

I finally have time to read the newly released House of hades. If you haven’t read any of the percy jackson books shame on you and if you have you know that there’s only one thing to do: READ. 

So welcome to my queue, but I’m off tumblr for a couple of days because I’m not going to let tumblr destroy this book for me.

See you on the other side. 

And when we do, let’s be fair and don’t spoil anything for people who don’t want to be spoiled shall we? 

A personal note about reading, reflecting and deleting.

An entire summer has gone by and I’ve read far more books than I’ve reviewed. The main reason for that is my constant traveling but also my time to reflect of what’s important and what’s not. Now I’ve lost the motivation and the joy of writing the reviews or blogging since it feels more like an obligation than something to do for fun. I don’t think I’ll start writing the reviews again since there are so many others amazing reviewers that’s presenting the thoughts I was going to present anyways. Just look at tumblr, there’re a zillion book blogs! 

While I’ve been abroad I’ve been thinking a lot. Alas, I think at home to but at home my mind is influed a great deal by the internet. While I was backpacking with nothing else than my rugsak I thought about what importance was for me and what  whether I spent my time on the things I thought was important or not. The days went past and still no internet. At firsts it was awful, I was looking for the nearest Starbucks just to get to the closest Wi-Fi spot. However it was wasted time with bad reception  Days became weeks, weeks became … more weeks and I didn’t miss the internet with all it’s glory. 

There has been many times I’ve considering to delete this account, but I haven’t, yet.  Now while I’ve home I’ve realized that I’ve made less posts about importance and just scrolling the dash to be inspired by all of you. For that matter I have decided to not delete my blog, but in the future you might see less reviews, less personal notes and more off.. I don’t know. TIme will show. But for now, I’m just here, stepping back but having fun. 

The last thing I wanted to say is that: don’t let internet ruin you, go outside, live your lives and for once in a while shut down your computer, put away your phone and spend time with the ones you love and do what you love. 


We should read to give our soul a change to luxuriate.

—Henry Miller 

Just finished Scarlet (#2 lunar chronicles) By Marissa Meyer

And now I can join the other obsessive bookworms that are frustrated and waiting for the next book in the series. Cress. 2014. Why oh why. 

And while we’re at it. Beloved Kai in this book was just so frustrating. And to not mention Miss Naive (Scarlet.)  

I’m old-fashioned and think that reading books is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised

—Wisława Szymborska (via booksandhotchocolate)

(Source: iwaschangedforgood)